We run workshops to help people have a better quality of life with the aim to reduce problems cause by long term stress – physical and mental.

And these workshops have been created to give YOU the skills to REDUCE your stress levels, thereby reducing (and potentially eliminating) problems caused by stress.

We understand how manic life is and we cannot always find the time to exercise or meditate for example. These skills we want to show you are to be used any time, any place, anywhere, giving you control back.

There will being a gift bag for you all to take home with you that will include a booklet with the techniques you learnt throughout the day and also some other goodies.

The workshops will be held at Unit 3b, Suite 11 Kingfisher Court, Hambridge Road, Newbury, Berkshire.

Take a look:


Mental Wellbeing

A friendly 3 hour workshop to:

Understand stress and it’s impact
Learn techniques to manage stress levels any time, any place, anywhere

Your Life, New Life


Mental Wellbeing

*Everything in SHORT and

Stress and it’s impact can be debilitating. Learn at a deeper level how to combat and conquer the problems caused by stress.

Your Life, New Life


Mental Wellbeing Workshop

* Everything in ONE-DAY and

Exploring emotions, behaviours and reactions enabling you to address and calm your mind and body.

Learning mind changing habits that will give you a new and freeing quality of life.

Your Life, New Life

Friends and Family


Massage has been used for thousands of years to heal, reduce pain on injuries, and to feel good. It released endorphins which in turn will enforce the systems of the body like immunity, digestion and circulation. This workshop is for the everyday person who would like to know some of the secrets of massage and how it helps.

Advanced soft tissue therapy for therapists

Giving therapists a better understanding of how to release soft tissue, reducing physical pain of their clients, including MyoFascial Release and advanced massage techniques.