What is Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy?

Advanced soft tissue therapy uses various advanced techniques for different problems. For example,

  • a referred pain coming from an old injury, would benefit from fascial release and trigger point therapy
  • Problems with pelvic area may require cranio sacral therapy
  • Panic attacks and anxiety due to high stress can be helped using cranio sacral therapy, fascial release, trigger point therapy
  • Thought patterns holding you back – mindblocks, triggers – again cranio sacral therapy and fascial release
  • Some deep tissue massage to reduce tension in those tired muscles

It is not sports massage, or deep tissue massage. It is what is required at the time without pummelling.

Some of the benefits:

  • Reducing stress levels, will rebalance the immune system, encouraging higher efficiency and protection.
  • Reducing stress levels can help to reduce mental health issues such as anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Scar tissue from injuries, traumas and operations will avoid referred pain
  • Releases ‘feel good’ hormones, so great for the mind as wells as the body
  • Encourages relaxation, encouraging deeper breathing and lung capacity, thereby increased energy
  • Using various modalities, soft tissue therapy will rebalance the body, re-aligning the body posture allowing the body to strengthen
  • With the right technique, aches and pains can dissipate to give you a better quality of life
  • Soft tissue therapy will be encourage the relaxation part of the nervous system and reduce high levels of stress.
  • Scar tissue from operations, accidents and injuries can cause referred pain. Releasing the scar tissue will reduce, and even prevent potential problems in the future.

What happens in a session?

  • A consultation noting ALL medical conditions, historical and current, mental and physical
  • A full discussion about the problem(s) and how we can proceed. Also discussing what to expect after the session. Myofascial release will always be used
  • Craniosacral therapy may also be incorporated into the session. This will be discussed beforehand
  • Fully clothed or unclothed (leaving underwear on), if oil is beneficial for the therapy session, the session will take between 45 minutes and an hour
  • Exercises, stretches and strengthening may be given, along with advice about body health and wellbeing
  • Try to relax following the therapy and avoid exercise that day
  • Sometimes emotions are felt during the session. This is normal. Just let me know and I will help you through it.

Individual tries to ‘work through’ the pain by continuing the sport or activity that may have caused it. However, you are in pain for a reason and first aid should be applied – R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), followed by help.

This is not to replace medication, or other therapies you may be having to help with your situation.