I was recommended to a neurologist by my GP for long-term upper back, which had developed recently to cause mild migraines and feelings of nausea.  The medication I was given, more or less put me to sleep for a week before I gave it up.   The result of your concentrated efforts have only just dawned on me as I have realised that since your last session, I have not had any migraines or nausea, and the discomfort in my back is so reduced.

Andy Knight of Bathstone

Janet’s no nonsense approach has phenomenal results – everytime!

Lucy Rose

I have seen Janet on a regular basis to relieve muscular tension in my shoulder, neck and arm.  She has also given me good advice regarding daily stretching of the different muscle groups to help relieve the tension.   I am pleased to recommend Janet, as a professional therapist and would encourage anyone with aches and pains to see her.

Sharon Johnson, Johnson Bookkeeping Services

Recently I experienced a great deal of tightness in my right shoulder coupled with a fair amount of pain which was hampering me physically and giving me headache.  The treatment had an amazing effect.  Janet worked on my neck area and it wasn’t until I was waiting to cross the road a little later that I realised how easily I could turn my head.  The next day I had full movement of the neck and shoulder area and none of the muscular tension of the previous day.

Liz Chandler, Natures Corner

I wish to express my gratitude and thanks for the treatments I have received on my right arm.  Having been unable to play squash for several months due to it becoming too painful, after only a few sessions of treatment, it is now as good as ever.

David Wallin

I just had to drop a quick note to say how delighted I have been with the treatments you have given me for my back and shoulders.  I have had challenges in these areas for several years and tried various treatments.  With you the results have been noticeable within 3 treatment sessions which is definitely a record.

Caroline Billington, Accountability

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the superb and relaxing massage you gave me earlier this week.  Sometimes your reputation as a ‘fixer’ obscures your clear ability to also offer more pleasurable of therapies.  I will continue to recommend your expertise to friends.

John Skelton, Esprint






"I came to Janet with a long term issue with my ankles. They would hurt and stiffen after exercise or any amount of walking. After three or four sessions of fascial release and massage, the symptoms were much improved. There is now no pain when I walk or exercise."

Rachel Woodford