One day Mental Wellbeing Workshop


Stress and it’s impact can be debilitating. Learn at a deeper level how to combat and conquer the problems caused by stress.

Your Life, New Life

This is more detailed than the SHORT mental wellbeing Workshop, looking at stress and why it has such a negative impact in today’s society
Understanding about behaviour and why the mind can control you and your actions/behaviours. Sometimes our behaviour not only affects us, but of those around us. Is this something you are aware of?

An introduction to changing behaviour and taking back control of your actions/behaviours, giving you perspective on situations that cause upset and stress so that you can cope and react with perspective.

Refresher of the techniques that can be used any time, any place, anywhere.

This workshop includes:
A full one hour 1:1 session with Janet, owner, Gray’s Therapies further establishing what you have learnt in the Your Life, New Life Workshop
A Goody bag containing:
And something nice to take away and enjoy and help you relax.

Janet: Due to the cost of living, I have tried to keep the price of the workshops lower. I will review these prices in a few months.