Short Mental Wellbeing Workshop


A friendly 2 hour workshop to:

  • Understand stress and it’s impact
  • Techniques to manage stress levels any time, any place, anywhere

Your Life, New Life

This workshop will give you some understanding of what stress is and why it has such an impact on you physically, mentally and emotionally. Techniques will be discussed to manage stress, reducing the problems that it can cause. These techniques can be used any time, any place, any where.

This workshop is great for the busy person without much time to invest in oneself. It is incredibly rewarding.

Goody bag to take away.

Janet: Due to the cost of living, I have tried to keep the price of the workshops lower. I will review these prices in a few months.

Additional information


Saturday 2nd September 2023, Friday 20th October 2023, Saturday 25th November 2023