2 day Mental Wellbeing Workshop


Exploring emotions, behaviours and reactions enabling you to address and calm your mind and body.

Learning mind changing habits that will give you a new and freeing quality of life.

Your Life, New Life

2 days of exploration and finding a new You; giving you a New Life. Freedom.

This workshop will give you the longer term tools and techniques to change your minds reactions, therefore your behaviours, giving you a better perspective on life.

Learn how you can manage and reduce your stress without taking masses of time out of your day. Exploring various methods to reduce and calm your body down.

The 2 day Advanced Your Life New Life Workshop includes:

3 hours with Janet, owner of Your Life New Life, further establishing what you have learnt in the Advanced Your Life, New Life Workshop
A Goody bag containing
3 vouchers
Booklet for journalling
and something nice to help you sleep

Janet: Due to the cost of living, I have tried to keep the price of the workshops lower. I will review these prices in a few months.