General Injury Massage

Massage is a really good medium to encourage healing from injuries, whether you have fallen off a ladder or strained your muscles in your back standing up from a chair, for example.

I use a variety of massage techniques that will encourage all the soft tissues to release, relieve, and heal.  If you really do not like the sound of a sports massage, because you have heard they hurt.  I can use other techniques to reduce the discomfort you will feel.

The massage will :

  • Speeds up recovery time, enhancing the removal of adhesions and scar tissue, unwanted fluids
  • Improves blood circulation and deeper breathing so will aid the body’s own recovery system
  • Reduces likelihood of further injury by improving flexibility, strength and mobility of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Quality of your life will improve

Injuries are a pain, I know.  Often the individual will try to ‘work through’ the pain by continuing the sport or activity that may have caused it.  However, you are in pain for a reason and first aid should be applied – R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation).  Please see First Aid Page for further information.
If you suspect the injury is not minor, for example, a break, you should seek professional advice immediately.

Please note that if he symptoms are caused by an underlying skeletal or medical problem.  There may be an improvement in symptoms but please be aware you may be referred to another medical practitioner for diagnosis.

The first treatment will include a consultation.  The questions asked are required to assess your situation (historically and recent) and taken into account with your symptoms.

For advice or to make an appointment, please contact Janet on:

Mobile: 07980 974333
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Natural Health Centre, 8 Falkland Road
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