Fascial Release Therapy

What is Fascia?

  • Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen in the body.
  • Fascia surrounds muscles, bones, internal organs, nerves and blood vessels; which can be found superficially and deep within the body.
  • The function of fascia is to aid movement, allowing structures to smoothly glide over each other; protect structures; and surround structures to keep them together.

What can go wrong?
Postural inconsistencies/imbalances, injuries and trauma can cause fascial misalignment throughout the body. After a time, the body thinks this is normal; until aches and pains are evident in the muscles, tired and weak from being constantly held taught, remind you something is wrong.

For example, the head is an average of 14lb/one stone in weight. Surprising heavy! Sitting at a desk with head forward will put an inordinate amount of pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles which are trying to keep the head stable. Then the pain comes…


  • Consultation about the problem.
  • ALL historical and current operations, accidents, traumas and medical problems will be noted.
  • A postural assessment may be required which can be completed clothed
  • The therapy session will be discussed and agreed.
  • The therapy itself is light and effective.
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Advanced Massage techniques may be incorporated. This will be discussed and agreed.
  • Throughout the therapy session, feedback will be required, which is important.

How many sessions?
The honest answer is I do not know. If you have had a problem for months or years, it will take more than one session to create change. Please be patient. I am very happy to discuss your situation before you decide to book.
There will always be homework too.

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