Clinical and Remedial Massage

Massage is great for the mind and body.  Time out!  And it will give you this.  Time out from thinking about your responsibilities of work and home and help your mind to relax.  When your mind relaxes, your body posture changes.  Your shoulders will drop, relaxing your shoulder muscles, which will reduce tension and of course, the symptoms that may occur, headaches and aching shoulders and back, for example.

My treatment will include release of the soft tissues around the muscles, following through with muscle relaxation.  The massage will be firm but not necessarily uncomfortable.

Imbalances in the musculo-skeletal system are rebalanced by releasing tension in the soft tissues causing the imbalance.

Referral symptoms, for example headaches, some sciatic symptoms and symptoms into the hands and arms can be relieved using advanced massage techniques.

Please note that if he symptoms are caused by an underlying skeletal or medical problem.  There may be an improvement in symptoms but please be aware you may be referred to another medical practitioner for diagnosis.

The first treatment will include a consultation.  The questions asked are required to assess your situation (historically and recent) and taken into account with your symptoms.

For advice or to make an appointment, please contact Janet on:

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Natural Health Centre, 8 Falkland Road
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