Family and Friends Massage Workshop

Welcome to Family and Friends Massage Workshop

Massage is a wonderful way to reduce aches, pains and problems due to muscle tension. There are some wonderful and reliable techniques to reduce the muscular aches that you family and friends may suffer from.

Do your hands ache when you massage?
Do you worry about causing pain, or pressing too hard, when massaging your partner or children?

This course is an enjoyable and relaxing way to learn how to deal with those issues mentioned above. Vouchers are available to purchase for birthdays and Christmas.

Come along and enjoy an afternoon, or a day, depending on your requirements.

Half day friends/family massage workshop is £47 per person.
Includes refreshments and snacks. Fully clothed. Shoulders to low back. Arms and hands included if time.
Half day workshop Saturday 24th November and Saturday 12th January.
Time 10am-1pm


Full day friends/family massage workshop is £97 per person.
Please bring your own food if you are having lunch to suit your own dietary requirements. We will offer refreshments and snacks as well. Includes massage practice for general, after sporting activities and heavy duty manual house jobs, for example, gardening. Oil will be used if preferred. This will include back, neck and shoulders, legs/feet, arms and hands.
Full day workshop Friday 7th December and Saturday 19th January.
Time: 10am-4pm


Booking is required.
Please contact Janet Gray for dates.
Telephone: 07980 974333

If less than 7 days notice, refund will not be available.

This course is not a formal qualification.
Injuries and long term problems should be dealt with by a professional.
Children age 10 plus and single adults are welcome.
I am a qualified massage therapist, fascial release and cranio-sacral therapist