Corporate Health and Wellbeing – Soft Tissue Therapy for Employees

Some of the things Soft Tissue Therapy and Postural Adjustment can do to help employees and therefore the company: 

  • Possibility of reducing sleep deprivation
  • Give more energy to the mind and body, aiding improved production at work
  • Can have a positive affect on mental stress, anxiety issues, etc. Helping to reduce time off sick
  • Can have a positive effect on physical symptoms such as headaches, back aches, shoulder problems, muscle tension, joint problems and many more, again helping to reduce time off sick
  • Encourage the nervous system ‘feel good’ chemicals to increase
  • Change the body posture by relaxing muscles that are holding the body in a posture that may cause aches, pains, headaches, joint problems, low back problems and many more symptoms; re-balancing muscles, therefore, posture in a more stable situation reducing much of the symptoms listed above
  • Improved posture can aid deeper breathing and improved blood flow to the brain, encouraging relaxation of the mind and body and increasing production due to the increased energy levels from the deeper breathing and blood flow to the brain
  • Injuries, traumas and operations can be worked with to avoid long term issues and help with the healing of the body.

Some of the benefits:

  • Reduces headaches and migraines
  • Improves disturbed sleep
  • Reduces joint pain (neck, spine – scoliosis and lumbar problems)
  • Reduces muscle problems
  • Long term calming
  • Increased energy
  • Better performance at work, home and in sports
  • Allows muscles to strengthen
  • Reduces back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Increase of memory

What happens in a session?

  • A consultation noting ALL medical conditions, historical and current, mental and physical.
  • A full discussion about the problem(s) and how we can proceed. Also discussing what to expect after the session. Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and/or Myofascial release will be incorporated into the session.
  • Assessment of posture from the front, back and both right and left side-view standing and maybe sitting.
  • Adjustments to the posture will be made and discussed. Therapy may be required to adjust and release tight muscles and fascia to help alleviate the postural imbalance.
  • Exercises, stretches and strengthening may be given, along with advice about body health and wellbeing.

This is not to replace medication, or other therapies you may be having to help with your situation.

If you are interested in Corporate Health and Wellbeing therapy, please contact me. A risk assessment of the property where the therapy will take place is required and there may be one or two adjustments, for example, privacy in the room is important.

There are various ways to pay:

  • Payment by invoice to the company
  • Part payment by invoice to the company, and part payment by staff
  • Full payment by staff

Please contact me for further information 07980 974333 or email:






"I came to Janet with a long term issue with my ankles. They would hurt and stiffen after exercise or any amount of walking. After three or four sessions of fascial release and massage, the symptoms were much improved. There is now no pain when I walk or exercise."

Rachel Woodford