Corporate Health and Well being.  Self care techniques for desk based staff.

I have developed techniques are quick and easy (when practiced), but you have to remember to do them more than once a day, for 30 second, a minute, or longer (your choice) and practice.  This is not about taking 30-60 minutes out of your day to exercise, meditation or movement during your working hours.  These techniques are quick to do, only taking a few seconds/minutes each time you do it.  This is a do as often as you can remember, and the body will change naturally and be much more efficient.

I can show you how you get the WIN:WIN

Win for your business
Win for your staff

Some of the benefits:

  • Productivity goes up
  • Energy levels will increase
  • Reduced aches and pains in the body
  • Increased focus
  • Stress reduction, often helping stomach problems for example
  • Potential reduction of being off with sickness, mental and physical
  • Overall quality of life for staff improves, thereby the Your business will benefit

The positive effects are:

  • Raised energy levels generally.  It is said that 90% of energy comes from intake of air. These days we sit forward rolling shoulders, reducing the space in our bodies for breathing properly.  This has resulted in most people not breathing healthily throughout the day.  These techniques will adjust the body so more air is taken on, therefore more energy, therefore more productivity at work and at home.
  • Mental stress, anxiety issues long term can be managed and improved.  Before Covid 75% of visits to the doctor were for mental health. Scary numbers.  I am waiting for the updated numbers. The breathing techniques shown will make a difference by encouraging feel good hormones and energy levels to raise.  The fight or flight  (stress hormone release) is common these days on a long term basis.  This is not a good thing.
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, back aches, shoulder problems, muscle tension, joint problems and many more will be reduced, or diminished. These techniques aim to give the staff control rather than relying on other people to help them.
  • Encourage the nervous system ‘feel good’ chemicals to increase.  Techniques will initiate the feel good hormones. Therefore, reducing the effects of long term stress hormone release (fight or flight).
  • Improved posture can aid deeper breathing and improved blood flow to the brain, encouraging relaxation of the mind and body and increasing production due to the increased energy levels from the deeper breathing and blood flow to the brain
  • Finally, the body will strengthen.  What does this mean? The body is strengthened with these techniques and can cope with daily desk work, whether standing or sitting.  Increased energy and productivity.
  • Breathing techniques can be used to help with insomnia problems.

What happens next?

  • Grays Therapies will come to the office and show techniques to staff.  This is great for induction days.  A couple of hours will be required, however, there is so much information that can be given, it can be longer.  The techniques will be practiced and back ground information given about what the techniques will do for the staff.  It is a full on practical approach.
  • Grays therapies would do a zoom session, or come back to the office with all or some of the staff to get their feedback and refresh on the techniques if necessary. Because the information is new, it may require this second top up.
  • This is ideal for induction days and wellbeing days.
  • Grays Therapies will work with your needs.

This is not to replace medication, or other therapies staff may be having to help with their situation.

If you are interested in Corporate Health and Wellbeing, please contact me on 07980 974333 or email: