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Sport, Remedial and Swedish Massage for Injury Treatment and Stress

Gray's TherapiesHistorically massage has been central to many cultures for relaxation and medicinal purposes, even as far back in history as 3000BC in China.  Records also show that Japan and India used masssage traditionally.  Hippocrates used massage to treat injuries and influenced others to use it in a medical capacity.  The Romans’ bathing rituals were lengthy, incorporating massage for relaxation.  During World War II, mechanical massage machines were used to treat nerve injury and for rehabilitation.

The benefits massage can have on the body are immense.  Massaging will stretch and manipulate muscles and this will increase nutrients and blood flow to the area, whilst efficiently removing waste and lactic acid from the muscles.  Also, any postural imbalances due to tight or short muscles will be addressed using massage.

Massage is very beneficial to your health, whether it is deep tissue, sports, remedial or Swedish massage.
What do I do?
  • Remedial and sports massage
  • Injury treatment and advice (sports and general injuries)
  • Relaxing massage (swedish)
  • Lymphatic Drainage massage
  • Postural Assessment and myofascial slings
  • Taping and strapping
  • Knee, shoulder and ankle joint assessment
  • Fascial Release
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Data Protection


I have helped many people with all sorts of problems.  Some injured and some just require relief from tension and stress related aches and pains.  Some examples of the types of problems I have solved are:

  • Shoulders – strengthening programme following injury
  • Backs – lower, mid and upper back
  • Arms – reduced pins and needles in fingers as well as pain deletion from muscle trauma
  • Legs – sciatic pain, knee and ankle problems as well as muscular trauma on all parts of the leg.
  • Headaches and neck problems, improving rotation of head and headache elimination
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For advice or to make an appointment, please contact Janet on:

Mobile: 07980 974333
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Natural Health Centre, 8 Falkland Road
Newbury, RG14 6NY
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Complementary Therapist Association

Fully insured
Diploma in Sports massage
Advanced Massage technicques
Joint Assessment
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