Janet Gray, Grays Therapies

“My purpose is to help people suffering from emotional stress, anxiety and physical pain (whether from an injury, manual labour or sitting at a desk for many hours, for example).”

My focus is to improve mental and/or physical symptoms using a combination of soft tissue therapy, exercises, stretches and postural adjustment, providing the knowledge to enable improvements to be maintained independently and so giving a better quality of life. This can be achieved on a one-to-one or group (workshop) basis, on an individual basis or at Corporate Induction days and Wellness days.

For advice or a chat, or to make an appointment, call or text 07980 974333 or email janet@graystherapies.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.






"I came to Janet with a long term issue with my ankles. They would hurt and stiffen after exercise or any amount of walking. After three or four sessions of fascial release and massage, the symptoms were much improved. There is now no pain when I walk or exercise."

Rachel Woodford