Janet Gray, Grays Therapies

For 14 years I have been working with people to help reduce their stress levels. Beginning my journey as a massage therapist, I qualified as a sports massage therapist, then furthered my skills using Fascial Release and Cranio Sacral Therapy (working closely with the nervous system).

Stress and the symptoms of stress can become physically and mentally debilitating.

I have lived panic attacks, anxiety and high stress levels for many years, and although I managed to suppress my emotions and cope, sometimes it became debilitating whereby I could not function mentally. The breakthrough came when I learnt why my body and mind reacted like it did. Working on emotional release, triggers, and stress reduction techniques, I manage panic, anxiety and high stress reactions giving me a much better quality of life. In fact, my quality of life has never been better.

Now it’s your turn. Let me help you transform your life, change your reactions by working with the ‘why’ and then ‘how’ to make the changes.

Your Life, New Life

Can you relate to the following:

  • Feeling stressed and tired
  • Struggling with the levels of productivity that you have been used to, at home, and at work
  • Feeling like you can’t cope
  • Low confidence levels
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Very impatient, angry, fed up
  • Relationship difficulties with friends and family
  • Negative behaviour
  • Struggling to concentrate, meet deadlines and cope
  • Pain, mentally and physically

Do you find yourself wondering why:

  • You overreact to situations that really should not matter to you.
  • You cannot get perspective on situations
  • You are stuck and cannot move forward
  • Emotions interfere with life, when there is no need

Before the Covid Pandemic, around 1 in 10 (9.7%) adults experienced depression (July 2019)
During the Covid Pandemic, this doubled! Now around 1 in 5, or 2 in 10 (19.2%) adults experience depression

For advice or a chat, or to make an appointment, call or text 07980 974333 or email janet@graystherapies.co.uk

There are ways to change your situation for the better:


Stress Management

A friendly 2 hour workshop to:

Understand stress and it’s impact
Techniques to manage stress levels any time, any place, anywhere

Your Life, New Life


Stress Management

*Everything in MINI and

Stress and it’s impact can be debilitating. Learn at a deeper level how to combat and conquer the problems caused by stress.

Your Life, New Life


Advanced Workshop

* Everything in ONE-DAY and

Exploring emotions, behaviours and reactions enabling you to address and calm your mind and body.

Learning mind changing habits that will give you a new and freeing quality of life.

Your Life, New Life